API for GST Return Filling Status and GSTIN Details

We provide free API to access all the Information about the GST Number (aka GSTIN). To use the API, signup for a free account at rapidapi.com. Generate a free API key (x-rapidapi-key) and pass it as header to the below URL.

Getting Started

  1. 1. Create your account at rapidapi.com
  2. 2. Visit gst-return-status on RapidApi API Page and add it to Your App
  3. 3. This will generate a Rapid API KEY
  4. 4. Send this Rapid API KEY to the API URL to get all the details
  5. 5. Read the rate limits at the end of this page.








content-type: 'application/json'
x-rapidapi-key: YOUR Rapid API KEY
x-rapidapi-host: 'gst-return-status.p.rapidapi.com'


Success Response

  "data": {
    "dty": "Regular",
    "hsn": [
    "pan": "AAJCM9929L",
    "sts": "Active",
    "compCategory": "Green",
    "gstin": "27AAJCM9929L1ZM",
    "mandatedeInvoice": "No",
    "ctb": "Private Limited Company",
    "rgdt": "10/08/2020",
    "adr": "Ground Floor, 92, Sun view, Mahatma Phule Naka, Savarkar Nagar, Thane, Maharashtra, 400606",
    "meta": {
      "syncMasterDate": "2022-10-11",
      "syncReturnDate": "2022-10-16"
    "fillingFreq": {
      "2022_Q1": "M",
      "2022_Q2": "M",
      "2022_Q3": "M",
      "2022_Q4": "M",
      "2021_Q1": "M",
      "2021_Q2": "M",
      "2021_Q3": "M",
      "2021_Q4": "M"
    "returns": [
        "fy": "2022-2023",
        "dof": "08/10/2022",
        "rtntype": "GSTR1",
        "taxp": "September"
        "fy": "2022-2023",
        "dof": "11/09/2022",
        "rtntype": "GSTR1",
        "taxp": "August"
        "fy": "2022-2023",
        "dof": "10/08/2022",
        "rtntype": "GSTR1",
        "taxp": "July"
        "fy": "2022-2023",
        "dof": "11/07/2022",
        "rtntype": "GSTR1",
        "taxp": "June"
  "success": true


The response contains 3 keys

  1. data(Object): This is the main response. See below for more details
  2. success (Boolean): If the API was sucessful, it will be true
  3. gstin(String): GST Number (aka GSTIN) for which the data is shown

data contains 4 keys

  1. details(Object): Master information about the Dealer/GSTIN
  2. returns (Map): All the GST Retunrs filed by Dealer with Date of Filing
  3. periodicity(Object): GST Return filing periodicity
  4. dealing(Map): HSN Code (along with description) for which the dealer had obtained GST registration.
  5. meta(Object): Details about the API and when the data was fetched from GST portal.

data.details contains following keys. There can be more keys than the mentioned below.

  1. legalname (String): Legal Name
  2. tradename (String): Trade Name
  3. pan (String): PAN ie. Permanent Account Number used by Income Tax
  4. dor (Date in String): Date of Registration
  5. doc (Date in String | Null): Date of Cancellation (in case the GSTIN is cancelled). null if it's not cancelled.
  6. registrationtype (String): Registration Type [example: Regular, Composition, etc]
  7. gstinstatus (String): Status of GST Number [example: Active, Cancelled, Hold, etc]
  8. entitytype (String): Legal Status of the Dealer
  9. principalplace (String): Dealer's Main Address
  10. pincode (Number in String): Pin code
  11. businessnature (Array of String): Nature of Business
  12. gstinstatusfetched (Date in String): When was the details fetched from GST Portal

Rate Limits

To keep our servers running reliably for all our users, there are following rate limits in the free account:

  1. 1. Per Minute 20 Request &
  2. 2. Per Day 1000 Request
More details

We strive for a Latency of less than 700ms (Miliseconds). This is possible because we use very fast No SQL Database to serve all the requests. If the data is stale, we will get the details from GSP & GST Portal. In that case, if GSP or GST portal response times are high, the Latency can in the range of 5 to 6 seconds. In a rare scenario where GSP or the GST portal takes more then 7 seconds to respond, we serve the stale data from database.

To view the current (almost live) average latency, check out API Listing page at rapidapi.com