GST Details of M/S KAMAL YARN IND.   09ACFPG1181K1ZL   Uttar Pradesh


Trade Name

m/s kamal yarn ind.

Legal Name

aditya gupta

Registration Status


Registration Date


Entity Type


Place of Business (Address)

127/51, S BLOCK, JUHI, KANPUR, Kanpur Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, 208014

Aggregate Turnover

Slab: Rs. 0 to 40 lakhs FY 2021-2022

GSTIN profile was last fetched on Sun Oct 23 2022 and GST Returns list was last fetched on Mon Nov 14 2022.

Recent GST Returns
FYPeriodFiling Date
2022-2023October10 Nov 2022
2022-2023September07 Oct 2022
2022-2023August07 Sep 2022
2022-2023July08 Aug 2022
2022-2023June14 Jul 2022
2022-2023May06 Jun 2022
2022-2023April09 May 2022
2021-2022March09 Apr 2022
2021-2022February07 Mar 2022
2021-2022January08 Feb 2022
FYPeriodFiling Date
2022-2023September15 Oct 2022
2022-2023June14 Jul 2022
2021-2022March20 Apr 2022
2021-2022December25 Jan 2022
2021-2022September19 Oct 2021
2021-2022June23 Jul 2021
2021-2022May12 Jul 2021
2021-2022April28 Jun 2021
2020-2021March19 Apr 2021
2020-2021February19 Mar 2021
FYPeriodFiling Date
2018-2019Annual09 Oct 2020
2017-2018Annual24 Jul 2019
Compliance Classification
Yellow compliance classification indicates that this GSTIN has filed GSTR1, but after the due date.
Business Owners
  • aditya gupta
Other GSTIN of the PAN

No other GSTIN found for this PAN

Return Periodicity
2022 Q1 Q
2022 Q2 Q
2022 Q3 Q
2022 Q4 Q
2021 Q1 M
2021 Q2 Q
2021 Q3 Q
2021 Q4 Q
Business Activities
  • Office / Sale Office