GST Details of DESHI DARUCHE DUKAN   27AAAAB3243R1ZJ   Maharashtra


Trade Name

deshi daruche dukan

Legal Name

balasaheb dattu mane babasaheb bandu mane

Registration Status

Cancelled on application of TaxpayerRegular

Registration Date


Entity Type

Society/ Club/ Trust/ AOP

Place of Business (Address)

DATTAWAD, DATTAWAD, TAL - SHIROL, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, 416107

Aggregate Turnover

Slab: Rs. 40 lakhs to 1.5 Cr. FY 2019-2020

GSTIN profile was last fetched on Sun Oct 23 2022 and GST Returns list was last fetched on Thu Nov 10 2022.

Recent GST Returns
FYPeriodFiling Date
2019-2020March28 Apr 2020
2019-2020December05 Jan 2020
2019-2020September07 Oct 2019
2019-2020June09 Jul 2019
2018-2019March10 Apr 2019
2018-2019February04 Mar 2019
2018-2019January12 Feb 2019
2018-2019December07 Jan 2019
2018-2019November11 Dec 2018
2018-2019October03 Nov 2018
FYPeriodFiling Date
2019-2020March20 Apr 2020
2019-2020February12 Mar 2020
2019-2020January07 Feb 2020
2019-2020December05 Jan 2020
2019-2020November07 Dec 2019
2019-2020October08 Nov 2019
2019-2020September07 Oct 2019
2019-2020August11 Sep 2019
2019-2020July01 Aug 2019
2019-2020June09 Jul 2019
Compliance Classification
Black compliance classification indicates that we cannot determine classification at the moment. This is most likely due to lack of data availability.
Business Owners
  • babaso banda mane
  • balaso dattu mane
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No other GSTIN found for this PAN

Return Periodicity

No return periodicity found for this GSTIN.

Business Activities
  • Retail Business