Trade Name

garden court distilleries private limited

Legal Name

garden court distilleries private limited

Registration Status


Registration Date


Entity Type

Private Limited Company

Place of Business (Address)

3 RD FLOOR, 303/304, RAHEJA PLAZA, OFF VEERA DESAI ROAD, ANDHERI WEST, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400053

E-Invoice mandatory?

Yes, It is mandatory

Aggregate Turnover

Central Jurisdiction

Commissionerate - MUMBAI-WEST, Division - DIVISION III, Range - RANGE-II

State Jurisdiction

State - Maharashtra, Zone - MUMBAI_SOUTH_WEST, Division - MUMBAI-LTU-1, Charge - MUMBAI-LTU-505 (Jurisdictional Office)

GSTIN profile last fetched on Mon Oct 09 2023 and GST Returns status last fetched on Thu Aug 17 2023.

Recent GST Returns As on Thu Aug 17 2023

The latest GSTR3B was filled for the period July 2023-2024. The latest GSTR3B was filled for the period July 2023-2024.

FYPeriodFiling Date
2023-2024July17 Aug 2023
2023-2024June17 Jul 2023
2023-2024May16 Jun 2023
2023-2024April19 May 2023
2022-2023March18 Apr 2023
2022-2023February16 Mar 2023
2022-2023January17 Feb 2023
2022-2023December16 Jan 2023
2022-2023November19 Dec 2022
2022-2023October16 Nov 2022
FYPeriodFiling Date
2023-2024July10 Aug 2023
2023-2024June08 Jul 2023
2023-2024May10 Jun 2023
2023-2024April10 May 2023
2022-2023March10 Apr 2023
2022-2023February10 Mar 2023
2022-2023January10 Feb 2023
2022-2023December10 Jan 2023
2022-2023November09 Dec 2022
2022-2023October07 Nov 2022
FYPeriodFiling Date
2021-2022Annual27 Dec 2022
2020-2021Annual25 Feb 2022
2019-2020Annual27 Feb 2021
2018-2019Annual22 Dec 2020
2017-2018Annual04 Feb 2020
FYPeriodFiling Date
2021-2022Annual26 Dec 2022
2020-2021Annual19 Feb 2022
2019-2020Annual26 Feb 2021
2018-2019Annual13 Dec 2020
2017-2018Annual07 Dec 2019
Compliance Classification
Feature in Beta, classifications may be inaccurate.
Yellow compliance classification indicates that this GSTIN has filed GSTR1, but after the due date.
  • 120100
  • 27011920
  • 17011200
  • 22072000
  • 17031000
Business Owners

bhagat rajaram patil

nilanjana bhagat patil

aditya bhagat patil

Other GSTIN of the PAN
Return Periodicity
2023 Q1 M
2023 Q2 M
2023 Q3 M
2023 Q4 M
2022 Q1 M
2022 Q2 M
2022 Q3 M
2022 Q4 M
Business Activities
  • Wholesale Business
  • Recipient of Goods or Services
  • Others
  • Warehouse / Depot
  • Export
Similar GSTIN
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