GST Details of KIMAYA CREATION   27AAAHJ9211L1Z5   Maharashtra


Trade Name

kimaya creation

Legal Name

jain mohanlal f huf

Registration Status

Cancelled on application of TaxpayerRegular

Registration Date


Entity Type

Hindu Undivided Family

Place of Business (Address)

Ground floor, , Sawdhan sewa society, azad compound , gandhinagar , charkop, kandiwali west, Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra, 400067

Aggregate Turnover

Slab: Rs. 0 to 40 lakhs FY 2021-2022

GSTIN profile was last fetched on Fri Nov 04 2022 and GST Returns list was last fetched on Fri Jan 27 2023.

Recent GST Returns
FYPeriodFiling Date
2022-2023September21 Oct 2022
2022-2023June13 Jul 2022
2021-2022March16 Apr 2022
2021-2022December25 Jan 2022
2021-2022September18 Oct 2021
2021-2022August08 Sep 2021
2021-2022June20 Jul 2021
2020-2021March14 Apr 2021
2020-2021December01 Feb 2021
2020-2021September31 Oct 2020
FYPeriodFiling Date
2022-2023September12 Oct 2022
2022-2023June16 Jul 2022
2021-2022March21 Apr 2022
2021-2022December25 Jan 2022
2021-2022September18 Oct 2021
2021-2022June22 Jul 2021
2020-2021March19 Apr 2021
2020-2021December18 Jan 2021
2020-2021November22 Dec 2020
2020-2021October20 Nov 2020
FYPeriodFiling Date
2018-2019Annual07 Jul 2020
2017-2018Annual22 Jun 2019
Compliance Classification
Yellow compliance classification indicates that this GSTIN has filed GSTR1, but after the due date.
Business Owners
  • mohanlal fulchand jain
Other GSTIN of the PAN

No other GSTIN found for this PAN

Return Periodicity
2022 Q1 Q
2022 Q2 Q
2021 Q1 Q
2021 Q2 Q
2021 Q3 Q
2021 Q4 Q
Business Activities
  • Factory / Manufacturing
  • Retail Business

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